SpaceWars Evolved

This project was developed during my Master’s Course by me and three of my colleagues developed (September through December 2009) at the Games class.

The game is called SpaceWars Evolved and was fully developed in Python, using the Pygame Library, using SCRUM development methodology. None of us had any kind of knownledge regarding this programing language whatsoever.

This project was really a challenge for everyone because we had endless freedom and liberty, making the process of developing the game a very fun, thrilling and enjoyable ride.
Here are some facts about the game:
•The game consists of successive waves of enemies coming at you, like the Asteroids game. You must shoot them to stay alive.
•There are five different spacecrafts available, each one with different characteristics like Speed, Firepower, etc.
•You can play Single, or you can duel a friend. (Hotseat)
•The two-player game takes place in the exact same scenario, meaning that there will be enemies around you.
•There are various weapons and pickups like health-boosts, mines, ammo, double damage, etc.
•The game has a High-Score system so you can keep track of your latest scores.
•We thank Megadriver for the Afterburner song used in this game.

Code – Yup, the full code!